Ferry 332–You Toy With My Emotions

Day 25: Granada to Isla d’Ometepe, Nicaragua


Oh, what a glorious breakfast at The Garden Cafe—literally the best place to eat in all of Granada, maybe the whole world! Saben had the world’s most delicious French Toast and Lin had some delectable chocolate & banana pancakes (so I love pancakes, alright?!) with the best orange juice and coffee ever (even better than Antigua, and that was some amazing coffee & OJ at Hostel 5). We just took our time over breakfast and wandering down to the ferry dock since our ferry to Ometepe didn’t leave til 2:00. Read the rest of this entry »

Nicaragua–A Random Place to Be

Day 24: Granada, Nicaragua

Ate the cheapest breakfast on the main street this A.M (Banana pancakes—not great) and some terrible organic coffee. We dined with an unexpected guest: a little tail-less street dog with lonely but vaguely dignified eyes. He laid in the shade of our table’s big umbrella to escape the awful heat and used Saben’s foot as a pillow. Poor little thing! He didn’t beg for food even one time, but seemed more inclined to just be near someone who didn’t mind him being there too. Read the rest of this entry »

The Tale of Good Karma and the Grey Bag

Day 23: Managua, Nicaragua

Not able to take care of our Brazilian visas here like we had planned so we decided to cut out this morning. In front of Metro Centro (the mall) there is a place for taxis to pull in and wait for passengers (it’s also a chicken bus stop) so we hoofed it over there and waited for an available taxi to take us to the UCA bus terminal where you can catch a bus or shuttle to pretty much anywhere. Read the rest of this entry »

These damn smugglers are slowing us down!

Day 22: Bus from San Salvador to Managua, Nicaragua 

We left the hostel this morning at 3:45AM (3:45AM!!!) by taxi to go buy bus tickets to Managua. We caught the 5AM Tica bus for around $30. The bus ride its self was pretty boring. The Tica buses are quite nice with TV’s and nice reclining seats. Tica only does direct buses and there were only 10 or 12 people on the whole bus with us so we all had plenty of room to stretch out, which we for sure needed after our sleeping arrangements last night. One oddity, one of three Salvadorian guys would take turns riding in the assistant’s seat up in the driver’s cabin and the assistant was sitting in the back of the bus in the “regular” seats. Read the rest of this entry »

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