Oh, not again…!

Day 101: La Paz, Bolivia

Our story begins on Palm Sunday, it`s backdrop La Paz, Bolivia. We had awoken early eager to see the city with fresh eyes after a night`s rest. Breakfast was awful as expected.

We headed down to Saint Francis` Cathedral to see how the Palm Sunday festivities were lining up. It was awash with merchants selling everything from palm rings and crosses to chocolate easter eggs. A line had already formed at the entrance of the church as the priest was beginning his latin sermon. Read the rest of this entry »

Screw the tourist bus!

Day 76: Curitiba, Brazil

Happy Birthday Morgan!!

Today started with the idea of doing some tourist sightseeing before we head off to Iguazu Falls on the night bus. We wondered around the city, walking through large parks that dot the city, wondering back through the zoo, and eventually happening upon a giant organic food market.

Giant statue in one of the many parks

Giant statue in one of the many parks

Giant organic market

Giant organic market

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A day off from the embassy

Day 36: San Jose, Costa Rica

Despite the morning orchestra, we awoke relieved simply to not have to make another trip to the embassy today. Two days off from that circus, woopee! Read the rest of this entry »

Do you want a hotel, No. Then let me ask you a question do you like cannibis?

Day 18 – Travel day – Panajchel, Guatemala to Flores, Guatemala

We decided to cut out of Panajchel. It’s pretty boring and very touristy, very much not our kind of place. So, we bought a bus ticket up to Flores to see Tikal (the whole reason we came to Guatemala). Read the rest of this entry »

Can’t you smell that smell…

Day 14: Antigua, Guatemala

Got into Antigua around noon and after checking into the a really cool hostel (Hostel 5, $7 per bed with breakfast and in-room unlimited WiFi included!) we grabbed some much-needed lunch at Piccadilly’s (not very local, I know haha) for a surprisingly good price. We heard the bustling down then street and just had to check out the huge outdoor market! Read the rest of this entry »

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