Winding down


March 30-April 1 , 2010 – Days 460-462 – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

You might expect the last few days of a trip like this to be stuffed with last minute sightseeing, shopping, and other culture seeking activities. We saw what we felt like seeing already and now we are under pressure to do some things that just must be done. Preparing to return to life in the States is as big a task as leaving it was, and just as stressful.

Saben washing the random road sludge off his feet

Saben washing the random road sludge off his feet

Lately, all we seem to do is write and rewrite resumes, pour over endless job listings, and preview DC apartment listings. We are slowly unpacking and packing, throwing things out as need be, getting airport transport worked out and making sure we take out only enough local currency to get us by until we get to the airport. We are feeling increasingly anxious, resistant, and generally stressed about our return. Thinking we could both use some nice relaxing massages, we went to a local spa one afternoon and came out 2 hours later with major spine realignment, some possible bruising, and sore temples. It was anything but enjoyable and certainly not relaxing; it was incredibly painful.

late night coffee and french fries

late night coffee and french fries

But at the same time, we are trying our best not to waste these last few days. Walking through tiny alleyways lined with old Vietnamese people who look like they might have been squatting in that same position for the last 40 years, looking out onto the dangerously chaotic traffic from a sidewalk cafe, dodging mopeds, buses, people, bikes, dogs, trash, and taxis while walking in the street because the sidewalks are only used for moped driving or parking—these are things that you just can’t get at home. And though they may not be fun, they are definitely different sights of the world and these kinds of things we are really going to miss. How will we ever adapt to orderly, quiet, mannerly, full sentence, clean life at home?

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  1. Enjoy your trip back to the states, and good luck on the job, home and all that you have to do once you get back. Are you guys going to stay in D.C. and not come back to Bloomington?

    Scott Goad says...
    April 1st, 2010 at 8:52 am
  2. Wish you guys luck in your job hunt…We have hit the mid way part of our trip and this anxiousness has set in. We try to avoid thinking about moving home and finding a job but its hard not to.

    Check out this blog its a couple that was from Nashville but now live in DC. They have been home a few years now and are both lawyers. Maybe they can help you network or at the lest share stories over coffee.

    I’ll miss your stories. Matt (in Cambodia)

    Matt says...
    April 2nd, 2010 at 1:43 am
  3. That is always the hard part – coming home and then trying to figure out what to do next. Try not to do ANYTHING for the first few days back.

    brian says...
    April 2nd, 2010 at 1:32 pm
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