Vietnam Wrap-up


We are very happy that Vietnam is the last stop on our adventure. Not because we want it to be over but because it is the perfect place to transition us into our lives back home. While we wouldn’t consider Vietnam a spectacular place it has a charm and beauty that we have thoroughly enjoyed. The centuries old culture still thriving in an increasingly western country. This is truly one of the few places that gets the mixture right. A little old with a little new.

Sure the air is polluted, the beaches aren’t great, the traffic is horrible and the people can be rude and self centered but you quickly forget all of that while wandering down an old ally that looks like it hasn’t changed in the past 60 years. It has that foreign feel that everyone craves when they travel but balances that with western amenities and modern ideals. We love it here and we hope to return some day.

(Check out the Vietnam photo gallery here)

Favorite moments:

  • Cheap beer
  • Beautiful countryside
  • Surprisingly cheap (except Saigon)
  • Decent food
  • Ease of travel

Not so great:

  • Traffic and noise
  • All the trash
  • All the cockroaches

Total Money Spent Per Person: $483.90

Average Per Day Costs Per Person:

  • Lodging: $4.64
  • Food: $7.41
  • Transportation: $3.10
  • Misc: $2.34 (Beer, going out, entrance fees, etc.)

Total Average Per Day, Per Person: $17.49

Number of Days: 28

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