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February 20-21, 2010 – Day 422-423 – Luang Nam Tha to Luang Prabang, Laos

Two travel days right in a row. Yuck! We just can’t seem to sit still! On the way from Muang Sing to Luang Nam Tha, we were stuffed into an 11 passenger van that was actually transporting 16 passengers. Saben’s seat was a fold down metal bar and Lin’s was some random part of the van behind the front reclined-passenger seat, facing the other 15 passengers.

Girl waiting at the bus stop

Girl waiting at the bus stop

With one of many unscheduled stops on the 2 hour journey, the driver bought 2 chickens from a sizable pile of other dead birds and animals. One of the other passengers bought a dead leopard cat for its fur. A nice looking fur but a little limp. The poachers obviously wouldn’t let us take any photos but pretty neat just the same.

Lao Laap, fried chicken

Lao Laap, fried chicken

In Nam Tha, we dropped the bags in yet another guest house and get some lunch. Next day was a shitty 10 hour day filled with the sounds of Lao music videos. A full, un-ending 10 hours of suicide inducing behavior in futile attempts to just make it stop. If you have never seen a Lao music video, think of the worst 1980s American music video you can recall. Then multiply the lameness of it by 288, add some Lao lyrics, and perpetual slow motion. There, now you’ve got a Lao music video! They all look like something a 6th grader would put together sometime in early 1991. It’s honestly beyond painful. If the bus had been going fast enough, we would have happily thrown ourselves from the windows in hopes of the tires smashing us to bits. Instead, we arrived fully in tact at Luang Prabang well after dark. We ate dinner at a tent in the market. It was a chicken sandwich with lots of flies crawling all over. Tasty.

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  1. I was wondering if you two felt like you had gone back in time when you took your first ride through Laos? It was about 4 years ago for me that I rode in the back of a truck through Laos for the first time. I was stunned by the landscape. Thanks for the excellent blog! jRo

    jRo says...
    March 4th, 2010 at 10:46 am
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