Happy Chinese New Year/Valentine’s Day!

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February 13-14, 2010 – Day 415-416 – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Lunar New Year!

As with most holidays on the road, it can be pretty tough to have a proper celebration. For Valentine’s Day, we splurged on chocolate covered almonds from the 711 down the street and a couple cans of Fanta. Romance at it’s finest!

Soap flower in the market

Soap flower in the market

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to celebrate the Chinese New Year at all! We had expected to find plenty of parades and celebrations going on in the city and despite being out literally all night, we did not run across any at all!

Musicians in the market

Musicians in the market

We spent a long time walking through the enormous Sunday Market that covers almost half of the city inside the old city walls. It seemed to go on forever! We have not seen a market this big since the giant antique market in Beijing. The various goods and handicrafts were all different—a rarity in the usual tourist markets around the whole world.

In the night market

In the night market

There was some really great stuff, good prices, crazy prices, and tons and tons of delicious smelling food stands. And for when tired shoppers finished buying their various souvenirs, they could take a seat at one of the many recliners at the makeshift foot massage areas. Even if you don’t want to buy any more tourist crap, it’s still a fun place to walk around and grab some dinner.

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1 comment
  1. Hey Saben !

    You know how your old man loves markets. I wish I could have been there with you. I’m getting jaded on markets, just reading your posts. Keep up the good work. I love you both. Pop Emmons

    Pop Emmons says...
    February 25th, 2010 at 5:32 am
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