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June 1, 2009 – Day 158 – Aqaba, Jordan

What a difference a border makes! We have only been in Jordan for a matter of hours and we already love it! From the fanatastic guys at the falfel place who were ecstatic to see us as repeat customers to the clean scent-free streets and the shops that we can walk past without a single business owner taking notice of us, not to mention that no one evens seems to notice that we are foreigners or if they do they don`t care to stare at us! Woohoo! It feels so nice to be invisible again and these falfels are the best thing ever!

Yummm.... Falafels

Yummm.... Falafels

As for today`s activities, we did little of interest to our readers. Just some walking around, lazing about, visiting a super posh internet cafe that looked more like a vacation resort, and eating lots of falafels. We are thoroughly enjoying ourselves and also enjoying the differences between Egypt and Jordan that are so blatant it is impossible to overlook them. For being such close neighbors, these two countries are vastly different from each other, both with positives and negatives although we must admit that, while we did enjoy our time in Egypt, we are favoring Jordan and looking forward to seeing what else the country brings!

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