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May 28, 2009 – Day 154 – Dahab, Egypt

Saben started the day with a morning dive (Penguin Divers, 18 euros includes all equipment). But to be honest, Saben`s dive wasn`t very exciting. They went to “The Islands”, where we had been snorkeling yesterday, and he didn`t see anymore diving than he did snorkeling! Still it was a great way to brush up on his mad diving skills.

Boat on the water

Boat on the water

Later we took a glassbottom boat (Lin had never been on one) for around US$10 pp (1.5 hours). We saw some many fısh and tons of colorful coral! There were parrot fısh and clownfısh, wild goldfish and sea bass, a small eel garden with a couple hundred eels sticking up out of the sand, a giant pufferfish (un-inflated…), a tiny vibrant neon purple fish that we can`t name, beautiful Blue Arabians, small tuna, and the list could keep going! It was really exciting and more fun than we would have expected. Well worth the price!

Not so good shot through the glass

Shot through the glass

traveltipicon1 Travel Tip:

There are about a million and a half dive shops in Dahab and it can be rather daunting to try and choose a good one with good gear, good people, and a reasonable price. It is definitely worth walking down the strip to price check and meet the folks you will be diving with and to have a peek at their equipment. Be careful who you ask for recommendations because most everyone has a vested interest in the answer they give you. Wikitravel.org has a pretty good list of several shops, contact info, and a brief description of each. You can always check Lonely Planet`s Thorn Tree forum on theır website or ask fellow travelers at your hostel who they liked diving with.

Also note that most of the dive sites are also great snorkeling sights so if your travel mate doesn`t dive, most shops will let them come along just for snorkeling. As with all things in Egypt, prices are fluid and can change quite easily. Most shops quote prices in euros or dollars and you can ask if they will give you a discount (especially during low season–they`re starving for business!).

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