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May 27, 2009 – Day 153 – Dahab, Egypt

Few things better than snorkeling in the Red Sea. Parrot fish, clownfish, lion fish, flute fish, barracuda, and a mass of other fish too plentiful to name were waiting just below the surface as we trucked off to “The Islands” dive site.

Rusted by the sea air

Rusted by the sea air

The water is clear and cool with the occasional cold current coming in from the deeper waters in the sea. Plus the highly salinated water makes floating and swimming all the more fun! The site is fantastic; a set of three coral islands just below the surface, with the tops sticking out at low tide. A flurry of activity waits on the inland side as the sea life escapes the cold waters of the deep sea.

Lin by the sea

Lin by the sea

After a taxing day of fun in the water and sun, we spent our evening lounging on oversized pillows and rugs on a rooftop restaurant sipping drinks and smoking shisha and admiring the stars and twinkling lights of Saudi Arabia just across the sea.

traveltipicon1 Travel Tip:

The Red Sea boasts some of the world`s best snorkeling and diving so Dahab is a great place for enjoying massive amounts of sea life floating effortlessly right before your eyes. Around Dahab`s coast are several snorkeling/diving sights and each sight has its best time depending on the tides so ask around at the dive shop or when you rent snorkel gear what sights are best at the time you are going out.

We liked The Islands, about 15-20 minutes walk from the popular Funny Mummy restaurant and surrounding area. Lighthouse reef was neat but was flooded with jellyfish so we didn`t get to stay there long. All the dive shops will have maps of the sights so ask any one for tips and recommendations. Snorkel equipment runs about US$1.75-$2 (10 EGYP) maximum for mask and fins all day but some shops have different ideas what “all day” means so be sure to ask.

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