Nicaragua Wrap-up


It is no stretch to say that Nicaragua has been our favorite place on the trip thus far. Even though it tried to kill us more than once we love it anyway! Even the worst of Nicaragua was a great adventure.  We had so much fun motorcycling around Ometepe, relaxing on the back beaches in San Juan, enjoying the sounds of the streets in Granada and eating the best breakfast ever made at The Garden Cafe. But what I think we will remember most about Nicaragua and what will most definitely see us coming back is the absolute generosity and warmth of the people there. From a more honest than most taxi driver in Managua to the lady selling chicken and gallo pinto on the street, everyone we met in Nicaragua was nice without regard.

Usually this is where I put the negative things about a place we have been but with Nicaragua I am drawing a blank. It is truly sad the poverty that these people live through but they get through it with humor and working together. When someone needs help the whole community is there without question, and that is something that you sure do not see at home. Maybe, as a culture we have something to learn, or need to find something we have lost in our blind personal ambition…

Favorite moments:

  • Honest taxi drivers
  • Motorcycle Rides (even at night)
  • Nicest countryside we have seen in CA
  • Random Pigs crossing the street (in town)
  • Gorgeous desolate beaches in San Juan
  • Gallo Pinto for every meal
  • Cheap everything

Not so great:

  • Bad directions
  • Rough ferry rides

Total Money Spent Per Person: $300

Average Per Day Costs Per Person:

  • Lodging: $6.00
  • Food: $9.00
  • Transportation: $7.00
  • Misc: $3.00 (Beer, Trips to the store, Park entrance, Guide Fees, etc.)

Total Average Per Day, Per Person: $25.00

Number of Days: 12

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