Hangovers and Volcano Hiking


Day 29: Ometepe, Nicarauga

This morning we met up with another couple (the Tasmanian guy from last night and his Canadian girlfriend) and our tour guide for a 7AM volcano hike. Lin was feeling well rested and fully recovered her scratched eye but Saben, the tour guide and the male half of the other couple were, er, struggling.

They had an enjoyable night of tall tales and tall beers and were paying the price now. The first half of the hike was pretty easy, being mostly flat or gradually incling at worst. As we moved on though the trail became more and more steep. With some sections so steep youhad to use hands and feet to climb up. After several extended breaks with story telling and copious amounts of water, we finally reached the highest point possible where we looked out across the island below. The view was so spectacularly clear today that we could even see all the way across the lake to Rivas! Behind us was the view of the volcano, an ancient noxious gas spewing giant. The wind cuts up the side of the volcano and pours out onto the plateau we were on.  It came at such a high speed you could (and almost had to just to stay on your feet) lean into the wind at almost 45 degrees and it would hold you up. The guide estimated the windspeed to be around 40 kph. It was grassy where we looked out across the edge and we sat down to seek shelter from the intense wind. By then, it was closer to breakfast time and we all reached into our bags for some much needed fuel. Lying there in the grass looking out over such a massive expanse of land was breathtaking.

View of Volcano we hiked (Photo courtesy of jptiger0 http://www.flickr.com/photos/89146819@N00/3039157480/)

View of Volcano Photo courtesy of jptiger0 http://www.flickr.com/photos/89146819@N0/)

 We returned to Moyogalpa famished and found Chido´s Pizza to be an enticing solution. The rest of the day we spent resting from the vigorous morning hike and looking through photos collected during the day.

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