Not so fun day (for lin)


Day 28: Ometepe, Nicaragua

Bad day…Lin scratched her eyeball while taking out her contacts last night and is out of commission today to try and heal as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, Saben went out and about to entertain himself and even got a haircut with no espanol!

(Really too bad we don´t have this photo, Saben has a former boss that would love to see his new military style buzz cut)

Lin´s day consisted of sleeping, eating Saben´s leftover pizza from lunch that he so kindly brought, and sleeping some more all while baking in the hostel room. Baking was almost true, Saben ran into the room at about 1 o´clock and said we might have to get out of here, the house next door is on fire. Luckily no escape was needed but the family did lose their home and everything inside. Ometepe has no firemen so the fire was put out by bucket line. Everyone in town comes out to help.  The nearby electric pole was burned down as well so there was no power or phones on the island until the early hours of the morning. After the excitement, Saben headed out and got drunk on cheap Nicaraguan beer in the hostel bar by 4pm and ended up signing up for a volcano trek for tomorrow morning, with our drunk guide-to-be. Saben spent the rest of the night and into the morning at the hostel bar with the guide and a Tasmanian guy swapping travel stories. Otherwise, painfully boring day for posting.

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